Starastar "between you and me"


I have always been a dreamer in my life, and I hope you too!
I have some artistic talent, at least I was said so, and I believe that you too have some, otherwise you wouldn't maybe reading this ;-)
Like many though, I was rarely able to realize my artistic dreams because of the lack of support or money, and I do know from my personal life experience, that there are plenty of awesome talents out there, but too often they are still limited by a lack of money or just too busy with all what they need to do for their survival.
That's why Starastar was created, with the mission to make it really simple, while still fun, to show and share your talent to the world, and hopefully to make some of your best artistic dreams come true! I believe that there is in everyone of us an artist who deserves to be admired and rewarded... and I believe also that, more often than we think, in life "If you can dream it, you can do it!"
Now I wish you best of luck and to your artistic success!
Patrice Panis,

How was Starastar created?

Patrice panis

First, I always liked "street artists"; I have seen many in my life for I lived in many cities in the world, and they can always cheer me up. I realized though that it's more and more difficult for them to show their art in public, because of the increasing costly regulations that are imposed on them.
Second, during my modeling career, as I never lived on a regular pay check, I experienced some time the life of a rather "starving artist", above all in a big city like New York, where many of my friends are still struggling to make ends meet despite their incredible talent.
The good side was, as I very rarely worked every day as a male model and actor, I had a lot of time to be passionate about other things, like cooking, photography and other visual arts, and especially when combined with the internet; during many years of my life in the artsy East-Village of Manhattan, I must confide that my friends complained to me more than once that they could not get me away from my computer, for I was always working on some new creative internet dream of mine ;-) And it has been only in the past few years that, technology and web development becoming more affordable, I could finally make one of these dreams come true for myself and all of you! and that's the way Starastar was born!

Why the name of Star A Star? For it' s all about rewarding, or giving stars to new rising stars...