How does it work?

  1. Put together a *video of anything artistic: show and comment some of your skills or artwork; show a performance of yours or of someone else; show a short film if you are a Film Maker; ask a friend to interview you; teach something... Only sky's the limit!  (*) Photos only can also be turned easily into a video by using a basic video editor.
  2. Click on the orange button "CREATE SHOW" at the top of this page.
    If you'd like to showcase your art not only to help supporting it, but as well to help a friend, or a group (by sharing some of the money you'll receive), just select "YES"; then, simply complete the page of creation of your first Show.
  3. By following our very simple steps, begin to share your show...
  4. Keep sharing a little bit of your Show or of your life as an artist every day (specially on Facebook), and you'll get your popularity and rewards growing! :-)