A bite of Randy Jones, 1st Cowboy of the Village People

Film Making

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MY GOAL: THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE OF THE KIND OF "SHOW" YOU CAN CREATE ON STARASTAR: I want to raise some funds to help my friend Carol who after 50 years of a singing career has been diagnosed of a degenerative disease of her vocal cords... As she is a huge fan of Randy Jones, and that I have been lucky to know Randy as a friend while living in the Village in NYC for many years, I edited that film I took of him once he was hosting that 70's exhibit, so that she and all of you can hopefully enjoy it ;-)

MY WISH: That you get a good idea how you can use my new website, to support your own artistic dreams or to help someone else by using your talent If you have any question or suggestion, please don't hesitate to ask me, ok! To your artistic success! Patrice :-)


Created in: Paris

Patrice Panis

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This show was created for: My friend and singer Carol

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Randy is often taking parts in events to help others, like here in that picture, at the side of friend actor Keith Collins, in a Tourette Syndrome Fundraiser in New York City.

Randy jones and keith collins