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To only browse the shows on Starastar, or to donate, you don't need to register.

When you are an unknown artist, no one will pay much attention or money to your art. But to get all the recognition your hard work and artistic talent deserve, you need more visibility, more social encouragement and some financial support too!... Furthermore, if you simply want to use your talent for a good cause like helping someone else (by sharing part of your donations for example), you can also do that easily on Starastar!

  1. Dance, play music, sing, read poems, tell stories (or jokes!)...
  2. Show and comment a performance of yours or of someone else; give a tour of your working studio or of your gallery...
  3. Talk about the history or story behind one of your creations; get interviewed by a friend or interview another artist; demonstrate, teach some of your skills...
  4. Show a short film, a documentary, animated, time-lapse; share your acting reel or your modeling portfolio. Sky's the limit, just be yourself and have some fun!

Once you created and published your first show on Starastar, it may run indefinitely unless yourself decide to delete it.

Be aware though that the more Stars you are receiving, the higher your Show will rank in the public eye...

When your show hasn't receivend a donation for a while, you may see a warning message when you login to encourage you to Share again...

Naturally you can also decide to create a new Show at any time!

  • To get you to a good start with your new Show on Starastar, it is strongly recommended that you share it at first with your closest friends and family, for they are the ones who already appreciate what you do artistically and for that reason, they will certainly be the ones also who will reward you with your very first stars; so that when more people, even the ones who do not know you well, will see and enjoy your Show, they will be more inclined to be generous when they will see that you've got already Stars "in your hat"!  ;-)
  • From the beginning, get into the habit to always ask your friends to also share the link of your Show with their own friends; if they cannot donate at the moment, your Show will at least be shared and seen by many people quickly!
  • Don't create a show, share it once and forget about it, as you know that success doesn't come that way. Don't be afraid to "spam" your friends, specially on Facebook, because, due to their algorithm, only a small quantity of your friends will see what you share every time... thus, at best and at least every day, share a new picture with a little comment about your life (= Give Some News), or share your Show (= Your Video)!
  • The key for getting More SHARES and More STARS from your fans is to grab their attention visually and with variety. When you "give some news", which is to tell a little something about your daily life, do it with a new nice picture every time; that picture can be directly related to your Show but not necessarily; you can post pictures of the places you are practicing your art or performing, or also just of you enjoying life! Your fans will like it for they always want to know you more as an artist but also as a human being! This way, they can feel that they are becoming more and more part of your life and important to you success and to your happiness!...
    About your video, you can also change it easily and as often as you desire, by simply replacing the current Youtube-Video URL in your Show with the URL of any other Youtube video you have. Doing so, you'll get more Likes, Shares and Comments, which will surely exponentially increase the visibility of your Show to all!
  • Finally, share also offline; write your Show's Link on a piece of paper or in your telephone and keep it on you all the time so that you'll be ready to give it to the next person you'll be talking to.
  • THANK your supporters! ALWAYS! Thank them collectively, for example in a 'Give some news' posting, and individually, like in a private message to a recent donor. It's indeed very important that all your fans and donors feel how much you appreciate their support as much as they appreciate your talent.
  • INTERACT... A LOT! Be yourself, and have fun with it! To make all your fans feel like they are part of your growing success, always keep the conversation going! After creating a new Show, share it, or give some news about your daily life as often as possible; we recommend that you share at least every day your Show from Starastar...
  • Reply to any comments, compliments, questions. It's also a good idea that you join some artistic groups you like on Facebook and share reciprocally and regularly with their members...

Nobody else but you will always own the intellectual property of your Show on Starastar. We respect and expect you to respect all the rights of copyright holders; thus it's also your responsibility to ensure that any content you publish on the platform is not violating any copyright of anybody else either (i.e. using in your video a song of another artist but without any permission). On another side, if you believe that your copyright rights are being violated anywhere on Starastar, please read carefully the 'Copyright Complaints' paragraph in our Terms of Use.

You will never receive any bills and It will always be free to create as many shows as you want on Starastar. Only when you'll withdraw your donations' money, about 9 -10 % will automatically be deducted from each donation; this percentage can vary a little depending on where yourself and the donor are located (due to currency exchanges), but it is mainly covering credit card transactions fees and keeping the platform sustainable.

Donations can be given from pretty anywhere in the world; however, only artists living or having a bank account available to them in the following countries can receive money on Starastar:
    Hong Kong
    New Zealand
    United Kingdom
    United States (excepted American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands).

Note: PayPal cannot be used on Starastar to receive donations; do not worry though, our payment system Stripe is very simple to set up and to use while being as much secure as PayPal.

Starastar cannot give you legal advice. Money received from donation-based fundraising are likely to be considered non-taxable gifts, and a gift is generally defined for federal income taxes as an amount transferred 'out of detached and disinterested generosity' which is the case when receiving donations via Starastar. However, because everyone's tax situation is different, you should ask advice about your situation to a licensed tax advisor of your own jurisdiction.

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